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custom cables, headphone repairs and modifications

If you have a great idea or are looking for some truly one off headphones we have the skills and the experience to help realise your dream



We make a range of high end audio cables for a sensible price and have the facility to design and creat custom cables for most audio equipment. You can click here to see some of our standard cables or contact us to enquire about a custom build


Modified Headphones

We can modify, re-cable and upgrade most models of headphones but we specialise in beyerdynamic and sennheiser working closely with both companies. We also sell some DIY kits and spare parts if you fancy doing it your self

resto modded headphones

Resto Modded Headphones

One of our latest projects is resto modding classic and vintage headphones. We buy up well made interesting looking headphones from yesteryear, replace the internals with moderrn drivers and rewire them to make them work with portable audio for a one off vintage look. Please contact us for more details

headphone repairss

Headphone repairs

We can repair and rejuvinate most £100+ headphones so if you have an old trusty pair you want to bring back to life just get in touch

Project Resto Mod

Taking inspiration from the resto mod car scene we are buying up interestin looking, vintage and military headsets and re-fitting them with modern components and cabling to turn them into great sounding and usable headphones to use with portable audio devices like iPods and PMPs. They literally don't make them like the used to so these will be truly unique

Headphone repairs and mods

We stock a wide range of headphone spares and accessories to get your old headphones back up and running or upgrade them slightly or you can send them in to us to have them repaired. We also perform all kinds of modifications. There is a lively DIY scene online but if you don't have the skills or the equipment to perform your ultimate mod just send them into us and we can do it for you

For more info please contact us

While we are finishing off the website and working out the bugs feel free to contact us if you have any headphone repair of modding questions or visit the custom cans site

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