Over 20,000 happy customers

We have been lucky enough to work on thousands of interesting one off audio projects, as well as supplying replacement parts to restore older headphones.


In business for over a decade

We look after our customers and offer a 2 year warranty on all our work, but don't worry - even outside that, we offer sensibly priced repairs and upgrades.

Built by hand here in the UK

Our custom cables and modified headphones are all created at our workshop in Cheltenham.

The UK is not the cheapest place to produce products, but by making everything in house we can ensure everything is made to our high standards. This also allows us to service, modify and upgrade any of our products in house ensuring they stay in use for many years. If you buy a new amplifier with a different connection, or you want some other alterations, you can send your cable or headphones back in to us to have them altered for a sensible price, rather then having to buy new ones.

We also keep spare parts for many professional Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic headphones in stock. If you need an original replacement cable, pads or repair parts, we have hundreds in stock and ready to ship the same day - so your beloved studio cans are not out of action for too long.

Modding services
Keep your brand on point

We work with everyone - from large brands to individual artists - and help their brand get noticed

We can create one off or small runs of custom headphones with logos or company colours to help support your brand and keep the message consistent. With social media becoming the main way people consume content these days, an eye catching picture can really help get you noticed. Our custom airbrushed headphones have helped many DJs, musicians and gamers gain following. We've also worked with big brands and record labels to produce headphones for their sponsored artists. Check out our photo album to see our headphones in action at large events:

Action Shots
Making the magic happen

Custom Cans creative team



Product Designer

Whether it is a custom airbrushed piece of equipment for an international DJ or some high end modified headphones, the chances are that if we made it, Jason had a hand in designing and testing it.




Spending all day slaving over a hot soldering iron, Ray makes most of our custom cables



Office Manager

Let's face it... nerds, techies and artists are not the most organised people. Kaya makes sure the business runs smoothly and that schedules are met.



Mix Recording Engineer

As well as helping out in the office, Alden's golden ears help us test our designs and mods.



10th level social media wizard

Sylvia posts pictures of our work to social media and helps us trend spot.



Junior Designer

Tol helps out with the design work to turn people's rough ideas into finished designs.




While subjective listening tests are very important, RoboBob helps us be a little more scientific by producing waterfall charts.

Premium earpads in stock

Not only are they often the first thing to wear out, but changing to a different material or density (this is known as pad rolling) is a cost effective and easy way to tune the sound signature of many headphones.

Balanced cables

We have a huge number of balanced cables available to order, and can also make custom cables to suit just about any combination of balanced amplifier and full sized headphones.

Main partners

We carry out work on most makes of high end headphones, but we are best known for our work on Beyerdynamic and Sennheiser headphones. Our company is official partners with both, and we work closely with them so we always get to develop our mods on their latest products.


We ship worldwide and have customers all over the globe. Over 60% of our sales come from outside the UK!

Recent work

Check out some of our latest creations

Popular products and services

If you have an interesting headphone project or modification you want carried out, it is worth contacting us. As a rule, we only work on headphones that retail for over £100. Below are some of our most popular products and services:

All the colours of the rainbow and quite a few others
We have a wide range of special effect paints including glow in the dark, UV reactive, colour flip, pearlescent and others.

We are not normally open to the public, but if you would like to pop in to our workshop you can make an appointment and come see where the magic happens.


Custom Cans, 33 Rodney Road, Cheltenham, UK. GL50 1HX


(+44) 01242 233 901

get in touch with Custom Cans

If you need any help, have some technical questions or would like us to create something for you please click the link below to send us an e-mail. Please include as much detail as possible. If we have to e-mail you back for more information, it can slow the process considerably.