Hand crafted cables

High end cables designed to get the best out of your equipment without breaking the bank

High end audio cables

Unicorn hair and Dark Matter

There are a lot of verry expensive cables on the market made with exotic materials and using bleading edge technology. We aim to find a balance between cost and performance. No cable is going to make your equipment sound better, when the music leaves the source it is as good as it is going to get and a cables job is to get it to the amp or headphones without altering it. We design out cables to have a very low capacitnace and use good quality materials to give a good clean signal and great look and feel.

It's not just about sound

A cheap watch tells the time just as well as an expensive one but lets face it beutifly made things make us happy. As well as sounding great we try to make cables that look and feel great and can custom make them to just about any spec and design if you want something made jsut for you

The right cable for the right situation

When designing cables there are always trade offs. Most cables are made to work well in most situations but if you have some special requirements like needing special shielding or ultra low capacitance to get extra clarity and detal normal cables can't deliver jsut ask and we can give some honest advice and help. We are happy to throw out recieved wisdome and try something new so if you have any crazy ideas we are happy to work with you to creat your dream cable