Headphone Repairs

If you have a beloved pair of headphone which have developed a fault, we can help

headphone repairs

Why replace when yo can repair

It is not unusual for a well used pair of headphones to develope a fault in the end. Broken jacks, loose connections, blown drivers whatever the issue we can normally fix it. We have access to parts for most high end headphoes and can sometimes custom make or adapt parts for discontinued models.

Cables and Jacks

Ninety percent of the time, headphone faults are caused by a break in the cable of a faulty jack. With the constand bending and tugging the cable gets it is not supprising . We stock a lot of replacement cables and a range of high quality jacks to get your headphnes back up and running in no time. We also make custom high end cables, while they are being repaired, why not get them upgraded at the same time? We can also do things like detachable cable mods or convert them to balanced input at the same time

Pads and Parts

Even if your trusty phones are working perfectly a new set of pads can give them a new lease of life. We stock a wide range of ear and headpads. Changing the material the pads are made from can also affect the sound a little - a lot of people experriment with different pads to get the sound and comfort levels just right.

As well as cables and pads we also stock a lot of other spares for beyerdynamic and sennheiser headphones like drivers, headbands and ear shells.