Headphone Mods

We have the skills tools and experience to carry out most headphone modifications for a sensible price

It's all about choice

Audio is a very personal thing. There are a lot of great headphones on the market but a lot of people find it difficult to find a pair that is perfect for their needs and tastes. Because of this there is quite a strong modding scene in the headphone world. Whether it is re-cabling, customizing or tuning the sound we have quite a lot of experience performing all kinds of mods, custom builds, upgrades and redesigns. So if you have a pair of headphones you want to tweak but don't have the skills, time or equipment just get in touch and we can normally help.


We can perform most popular modifications. We specialise in beyerdynamic and sennheiser headphones but can work with most makes and models of high-end headphones. Some of the most popular mods we do are

  • Detachable cable moding
  • re-cabling
  • converting to balanced for high end amps
  • mass loading and damping drivers
If you have anything else in mind of need any advice just get in touch and we can see if it will be possible

Giving them that personal touch

As well as modifying the headphones to alter the sound we can also customise them to make them look as good as they sound. JFunk.org is an offshoot of custom cans and as such can offer a wide range of customisation options from custom colourd cables to fully hand airbrushed designs. If you want something truly unique we have a custom design service where we can work with you to creat something very special. We also work with branding companies to make one off and short run designs for events, shows and competitons. Please contact us for more details
airbrushed headphones