3D Printed HiFiMan HE400se Super Grills

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These inserts replace the original grills for the HiFiMan HE400se to make them sound more open and re-tune them slightly to give more sub bass.
You will need to use double sided tape or something to stick the driver wires to the black felt around the outside of the driver so the wires do not get in the way when you install it, they must not be on the magnets. We also recommend removing the fabric from the back of the original grill and placing it on top of the magnets to help prevent hairs or other debris getting inside.


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4 reviews for 3D Printed HiFiMan HE400se Super Grills

  1. Matt Coy (verified owner)

    Firstly for the tl;dr crew out there: This is a simple to do but very effective mod. At the asking price it is a no brainer if you fancy some planar goodness.

    I bought my HE400SE a couple of years ago and I was going to do the seXY mod to them. I soon realised that I was too clumsy, short on time and lazy for that kind of tomfoolery.

    I was very excited to see the video announcing the idea of this mod and have been waiting since. £19.99 later and they arrived with me to try. I had not listened to the SE for a while so I did that first to remind myself of their flavour.

    A couple of minutes fighting with double sided tape to get the wires out of the way, two simple click clicks and off I went.

    I really like how the grills look and they have turned a pair of headphones that were sat gathering dust in to my listening while working daily driver. The boost in sub bass is excellent, they allow me to listen more quietly while still getting that slam, I am not getting any younger and so appreciate the ability to preserve my hearing while still having an enjoyable listening experience.

    I still prefer listening to my old HD540 Reference when I have time to properly listen but the Super Grilled HE400SE punch way above their weight. I pair mine with a Topping L30II and I find that combination mind-blowing value at under £300 for the pairing.

  2. Chris sneddon (verified owner)

    Got the custom grills for the he400se. Love the sound improvement! It’s hard to improve without having a negative but these do it, the bass improvement is noticeable and totally worth it!

    Price was great. I love that they don’t gouge you, totally worth the price.

  3. Igor

    Bought 3D design and print them by myself.
    Unbelievable sound improvement. Used regular version of HE400SE, not “stealth” magnets. Many thanks 🙂

  4. jason chen

    amazing mod, an improvement over a standard open 3d-printed grille. Improves the separation and details + better sub bass for sure

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