Balanced Beyerdynamic DT1990


Modified Beyerdynamic DT1990 converted to take a balanced input

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These are modified to take a balanced input, we re-wire them internally with our high end litz wire and upgrade them to a 4pin miniXLR.
These are built to order which means you can chose any colour for the cable and your choice of balanced connection.

There is an option to have the drivers fitted without mass loading and damping kit which improves the bass detail and gives a slightly wider sound stage.

For a small extra charge we can also conver the original cable to 4pin miniXLR. If you chose that option you will get 2 cables, one litz balanced cable for use with balanced sources and one standard cable with a 3.5mm/6.3mm jack for use on most other equipment

The DT1990 are open backed high end studio headphones but have become very popular with hi-fi enthusiasts for their detailed and accurate sound signature but until now they were incompatible with balanced amps. We have fixed that with this modified version.

As these are made to order there is a 7-14 day wait from the time of order before they are ready to ship

DT 1990 PRO

Tesla studio reference headphone for mixing, mastering, monitoring (open)

Circumaural headphone for high-end studio use

250 Ohms,

45 mm dynamic Tesla neodymium driver

Rugged headband made of spring steel Single-sided,

detachable cable with mini-XLR

Made in Germany and modified in England

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