Custom Cans Mass Loading & Damping Kit for DT990

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Custom cans Sennheiser DT990 Mass loading and damping kit bass and detail mod

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Here we have a cheap easy upgrade for the popular beyerdynamic DT990 headphones. The kit essentially consists of some uprated damping material for the ear cups and some lead weights to mass load the drivers.

No special tools are needed and you do not need to unsolder the driver in order to fit it.

We can not be held responsible for any damage caused by clumsy fitting. The kit has been designed to be as easy as possible to fit and all the pieces are self adhesive. The weights just stick into place and are self adhesive and the damping material is pre-marked and all you have to do is cut along the lines for a perfect fit.

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2 reviews for Custom Cans Mass Loading & Damping Kit for DT990

  1. Brad

    So the lead weights definitely add a bit more bass, though I still feel it’s lacking; you don’t get the same thump you get with good speakers. The foam is the best part imo, things sound congested with the original cup. I did get a little more bass with the cup in but everything else sounded a lil off. For competitive gaming it’s a bit hard to pinpoint someone since it’s so open, for single player games these are basically god tier for immersion. Overall I don’t think these are endgame headphones, still missing something from music; for everything else its pretty good like 8.3/10

  2. Kieran

    Decided to try this when re-cabling an old pair. Had a right mare with re-cabling thanks to a bad soldering iron…but the mod sounds fantastic and doesn’t ruin the already fantastic balance of these headphones.

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