RaveMaster V2 Cable – Super Strong Sennheiser HD25 cable kevlar reinforced copper


Reinforced Sennheiser HD25 cable designed to survive heavy DJ use

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Here we have our updated Ravemaster V2 Cable for the sennheiser. The new one has a copper conductor which has a much lower impedance making it a bit louder and more detailed. It is reinforced with kevlar and wrapped in 550 paracord to protect it from just about anything plus the pins are now gold plated to give a more reliable connection. We offer a 2yr warranty on them so we have you covered in the unlikely event it stops working.

We recommend going for the full size 6.35mm ( 1/4″ ) jack as they are made from solid brass and are fully able to put up with being stood on or crushed in flight case covers or have a record box dropped on them but we do also offer a 3.5mm jack option which is not quite as indestructible

The cable will fit the HD25, HD25 plus, HD 25-1 MK I and MK II, HD25-13 and HD25-c ( HD25 cable clamp or head torch kit needed for use with HD25-c).

These are an original Sennheiser part direct from Sennheiser UK which we then reinforce and re-jack so fits perfectly.

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